When Kylie and her mother first came to River Oak, it was because Kylie was on probation for assaulting a peer, running away and school truancy. She had been displaying physical and verbally abusive behaviors to those around her.

At River Oak, we see families as partners whose input and participation at all levels of treatment are essential to the growth and success of every child we serve. For Kylie and her mother, the River Oak clinical team recommended Multisystemic Therapy (MST).  Through family therapy sessions, an evaluation of Kylie’s peer network and a consultation with her school, the family learned how to negotiate, compromise, and communicate in more positive ways to come to a more harmonious living situation.

Kylie and her mother report that the tremendous progress they have made has turned one of the most difficult points of their lives into a future with promise. Both continually thank River Oak for this fresh start and the tools they were given to move forward. Kylie has now set her focus on school and her mother is optimistic of a brighter future for both of them.