It is true that the earlier a behavioral disorder is identified and treated, the better the chances are for full recovery. Through education, support and treatment, children can – and do – recover and live fulfilling lives.

River Oak works on the premise that it is in everybody’s best interest to intervene and treat children and youth with emotional problems and behavioral disorders early to avoid more serious problems later.

River Oak’s programs serve more than 1,100 ethnically diverse children and youth (age birth to 21) and their families in the Sacramento County on any given day. Many of the children and youth who come to River Oak each year are coping with daunting challenges: violence, abuse, trauma, alcohol, drug abuse, chronic illness, poverty, homelessness, and other problems. Others may have mental disorders or illnesses that need treatment. Without help, these children and youth may be at risk of expulsion from school or placement in out-of-home care. The support they receive during these important developmental years can make a tremendous difference in their ability to succeed in life as adults.