In July 2009, River Oak began providing clinical, mental health, and behavioral interventions to
children and families at SETA Head Start preschools throughout Sacramento. Services include:
Therapeutic Preschool Class Consultation
  Classroom Observation: At each preschool, River Oak provides an assessment of
    the child, classroom environment, teaching practice, and/or teacher-child match.
    Observations may be from one to three sessions lasting two to eight hours and may
    include teacher interviews to get a comprehensive view of the child within the context
    of the classroom.

  Treatment Services: River Oak clinical team members provide child focused
    treatment services directly to the child in the classroom to improve classroom
    performance and behavior. Treatment services provide strategies to use in the
    classroom and/or home that promote the child’s ability to succeed in school, such as
    helping the child manage or control anger and learn anger management skills; teaching
    the child how to make choices; and providing support and interventions in the moment
    as the child moves through his or her day. Services can also be provided to a small
    group of children or an entire classroom, based on need. Additionally, ongoing
    consultation with the teacher, social worker, or other staff to implement a child’s
    mental health treatment goals is available, as well as parent consultation.
  Clinical Support: River Oak consults with Head Start staff, parents, teachers, or
    social workers regarding interventions resulting from a treatment plan or assessment
    to ensure clinical recommendations and treatment are implemented in the classroom.

  Classroom Support: River Oak provides classroom support to teachers on a
    one-to-one basis who are struggling with classroom management of children with
    problem behaviors and how to meet the child’s individual need. River Oak clinical
    team members develop a plan of action and consult weekly to meet the objectives of
    the preschool director, social worker, or as requested by the teacher. Support
    includes but is not limited to classroom management strategies, incentives, building
    positive rapport, environment, transitions, and processes.

  Outpatient Services: River Oak provides focused short-term counseling for mental
    health conditions experienced by a child, parent/caregiver, or family. Clinical
    assessment includes a mental health status exam, psycho-social history, and
    diagnosis. Services are provided for one hour weekly at a convenient private location
    without distractions. Services can last from three to 12 weeks.

  Parenting Classes and Consultation: River Oak provides parent training using The
    Incredible Years curriculum. Incredible Years parent groups run 12-14 weeks, two
    hours per session, and have a maximum class size of 14 adults. Participants can be
    parents, foster parents, caregivers, grandparents, etc. Workshops include video tape
    vignettes, role playing, and home activities. Other parenting classes provided are:
    Make Parenting a Pleasure (13 weeks), Dare To Be You (10 weeks),
    and Strengthening Multi-Ethnic Families and Communities (10 weeks).

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